How Will It Work?

There will have to be a web site that appears un-sponsored and unlabeled. There will have to be posts, similar to the posts of the Federalist Papers, published that make the case (again!) for freedom, liberty, life, property, happiness, values and principles.

People will be encouraged to either approve or not approve the posts. In other words, if you agree with the concept, check off on the post. Each post will be assigned to one principle, value, concept.

If you agree with a post on the principle of the Second Amendment, then what you agree with is the fundamental concept of the Constitution.

Principles, values, and other major philosophical and political concepts will be represented. Networking (LOCAL NETWORKING) will be encouraged. People who set up small social networks will be given opportunities to be found by other like-minded people.

The only way that America can be turned around from walking down a path towards tyranny, is by informing and arming the majority with facts. People are afraid to stand up, because they don’t believe there are enough people who will stand with them.

When you know where your neighbor stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, and you know where your community stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, then your state… the chances are greater, that people will begin standing up for themselves.

Small issues first, then as they become publicised, the larger issues will follow.

It starts by standing up at your city council meetings and saying, “No, this is wrong. I will stand here until someone begins speaking the truth.”

More will follow.

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