One Small Step for Man…

… One giant step for our country.

There is only one way, in my opinion, to begin the process of refounding our country on the principles and values that created it. The problem is, it’s so simple, no one believes it will work. It doesn’t involve massive grass root efforts by hundreds of people. It doesn’t involve any real organizing at all. There is only one thing that can stop this nation’s move towards Progressive Socialism:

Individual, principled actions taken by morally clear people, on a local level.

That’s it.

People need to start standing up for what is right. Taking a stand means speaking your mind, even if you are sure your words will be refuted; sometimes violently. Individuals need to take action, even small actions that illustrate and model for others, what it’s like to be a person of principle.

What can be done? Here are some suggestions:

Get to know your neighbors. Find out where they stand. TALK TO THEM! If you find out where your neighbors stand, you will stand a better chance of surviving an emergency in your immediate neighborhood. Think about it: you can have 10,000 friends on FaceBook, but if a local or national emergency comes around, who’s going to be the one in the best position to save or protect you and your family? And if your neighbor believes that people like you should be put in FEMA camps, best to know this kind of information early on, when you can do something about it… like move, or stock up on ammo.

Start speaking out, even in the smallest ways. Why not make a point of writing a letter to the editor, and sending copies to all of the papers in your state, once a week? What’s the worst that could happen? Better yet, start taking note of those in your community who are already writing pretty good opinion pieces. Write to them and maybe make a lunch meeting out of it. What if five of these people formed an informal writers group, and promised to send a letter a week to all the papers? What if each of these individuals had five friends of their own, doing the same thing? Let your imagination go with that. It doesn’t have to be organized, but what if the paper is getting 25 or more well written op-ed pieces — all expressing conservative, principled ideas — a week? Would things appear to change? Maybe. Would you begin to become acquainted with dozens of LOCAL people who believe many of the same principles you do? Damn Skippy!

I’m sure there are more ideas like this, but you get the point. Real change begins at the local level. It is real and lasting ONLY if people form REAL relationships based on shared principles.

It’s the only way that we can all stand together, so the chances of hanging separately are greatly reduced.

Please feel free to comment any other ideas you might have.

2 thoughts on “One Small Step for Man…

  1. What other small acts of patriotism can individuals do, to start influencing those around them? What can we do to convince LOCAL INDIVIDUALS to seek out and vote for REAL representatives. Representatives who will listen. Representatives who will rely on the Constitution rather than the “enlightened thinking” of today?

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