When Healthcare Passes, Ignore the State

Ignoring the state, in other words, standing up for yourself and doing without government intrusion in every aspect of your life, is something that Tolstoy dealt with a long, long, time ago.

Check out Tolstoy’s Letter to Liberals where he answers the question: What then to do?

I posted this to my SkippingSchool.us site to illustrate how people might skip government schooling and reclaim their lives, but it applies to all things, including the health-care debate.


You First Must Stand

One Stands Then Others

Individuals… taking individual stands on small, local issues. Finding people who agree with you, one person at a time, and discussing principles and what it means to be an American. This is what we need.

Joining groups, plotting ideas on web sites, blogs and social networks and even writing our representatives will never work as effectively as finally getting up the nerve to venture out in the non-virtual world, meeting and getting to know five of your neighbors.

If/when something drastic happens, and the internet is shut down, and the riots begin and martial law is considered… what are you and your family going to do? Do you have a plan? Do you know your neighbors? Are they friends or foes?

If you live in the country, do you know that your neighbors hold similar beliefs and ideas to you, or are they going to turn you in because they know you have guns in the house and call yourself a patriot? (You see… this puts you on the Domestic Terrorist list and if your neighbor is a member of the new ACORN national defense corpse… they’ll have no choice but to report you.)

And if you live in the city…. God bless you. You’re on your own not matter what I say here.

But what if you KNOW FOR A FACT that five of your neighbors are on the same page as you? What if you KNOW that you are all looking out for each other? Not just home defense… but cooperative political and economic survival. What if each of those five neighbors, knows five other neighbors? And so on.

America is coming to a point where one national disaster will tear us at the seams. So many people today are addicted to the virtual friend world and absolutely ignorant of their physical reality. The advantage will go to those who are grounded in reality, not in virtual relationships and networks.

The advantage will go to those who know who among them are friends and foes.

And NO ONE will know anything, until he or she, as an individual, takes a stand… and finds that someone else will stand with them. And then another, and another….

How Will It Work?

There will have to be a web site that appears un-sponsored and unlabeled. There will have to be posts, similar to the posts of the Federalist Papers, published that make the case (again!) for freedom, liberty, life, property, happiness, values and principles.

People will be encouraged to either approve or not approve the posts. In other words, if you agree with the concept, check off on the post. Each post will be assigned to one principle, value, concept.

If you agree with a post on the principle of the Second Amendment, then what you agree with is the fundamental concept of the Constitution.

Principles, values, and other major philosophical and political concepts will be represented. Networking (LOCAL NETWORKING) will be encouraged. People who set up small social networks will be given opportunities to be found by other like-minded people.

The only way that America can be turned around from walking down a path towards tyranny, is by informing and arming the majority with facts. People are afraid to stand up, because they don’t believe there are enough people who will stand with them.

When you know where your neighbor stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, and you know where your community stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, then your state… the chances are greater, that people will begin standing up for themselves.

Small issues first, then as they become publicised, the larger issues will follow.

It starts by standing up at your city council meetings and saying, “No, this is wrong. I will stand here until someone begins speaking the truth.”

More will follow.

What If We Knew?

What if we could KNOW without a doubt (or without a serious doubt) where our neighbors stood on an issue?

What if we could be sure that if something were to happen to you or your family, you could be reasonably sure that your close friends and neighbors would do the right thing? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

So here’s The Idea: Produce a mechanism by which people can get an immediate idea of how many people in their state (maybe county? eventually?) are on the same page ideaologically, philosophically, morally, spiritually, on the larger issues of the day.

Conservatives only? Maybe. After all, I don’t care to waste my time finding out how many people are against the things I believe in. I want to know what people are FOR — where they stand. I want to know if they will stand with me or against me. In other words: If they see someone robbing my house, are they going to call the police, try to stop them, do something? Or are they going to just mind their own business?

On a related tangent: What do you bet the neighbor who called the cops to Professor Gates’ house doesn’t try THAT stunt again?

What would YOU do for your family, your neighbor, or a stranger? Would it be the same thing no matter who it is? (Thus showing the depth of character of someone who stands on principle rather than the sandy foundation of moral relativism.)

I know… tough questions. And I know that there are very few people who can be as perfect as they want to be. The good news is, I’m not expecting perfection. No one should. I only want some reassurance. I would like to know the truth of what I expect to be true, which is: I believe there are tens of millions of people who are willing to stand up and say, “Yes, I believe in this-and-such idea, and I will stand up for that idea, and I will ACT on that idea if necessary.”

Black and white, no gray. I think we need more of that these days, yes?

So, how is this going to work? I have been stewing on it for several months now. I know how it’s supposed to work, much of what this ‘mechanism’ will look like, and a tinge of how potentially viral this could turn out to be.

Now the big but: I need some help and advice. Any takers? Write Iwillstand@iwillstand.us or leave a comment.

Good karma only.

“So… where do we stand?”

It’s the ultimate question, really.

Girlfriends ask boyfriends; business partners ask each other; we all end up at least once in our lifetime, asking this question of the person staring into our clogged toilets. “So… where do we stand?”

For months now, I have asked this question of myself, and of others. No matter what the problem. No matter how trivial it seems, I’ve found myself boiling down the essence of how we should go through life — how do I handle a situation — what if this-and-such happened? What would I DO?

And the answer always boils down to: “Decide where you stand, then stand there.” Don’t worry about the consequences before hand. Stand on principle, and the situation will sort it out eventually… for the good.

I have been pestered (some would say plagued) with an idea for several months now. Unsure how to go about making this idea or vision come to pass, I have resorted to starting a blog. I can only go from here in prayer, believing that what comes of this, is something that will accomplish the two things that matter with this project:

1) Glorify God. (I only offer a minimal apology to the faith-challenged. After all, if I didn’t stand up for what I believe, including my belief in God, this project would be missing the point. Right?)

2) Help to illustrate to you, my readers and fellow Americans, that there are more people, close to you, who are willing to stand up for what they believe, which happens to be the same things you believe. How this gets accomplished, will be explained as I figure it out for myself.