How Will It Work?

There will have to be a web site that appears un-sponsored and unlabeled. There will have to be posts, similar to the posts of the Federalist Papers, published that make the case (again!) for freedom, liberty, life, property, happiness, values and principles.

People will be encouraged to either approve or not approve the posts. In other words, if you agree with the concept, check off on the post. Each post will be assigned to one principle, value, concept.

If you agree with a post on the principle of the Second Amendment, then what you agree with is the fundamental concept of the Constitution.

Principles, values, and other major philosophical and political concepts will be represented. Networking (LOCAL NETWORKING) will be encouraged. People who set up small social networks will be given opportunities to be found by other like-minded people.

The only way that America can be turned around from walking down a path towards tyranny, is by informing and arming the majority with facts. People are afraid to stand up, because they don’t believe there are enough people who will stand with them.

When you know where your neighbor stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, and you know where your community stands on the issues that are most important to us as a nation, then your state… the chances are greater, that people will begin standing up for themselves.

Small issues first, then as they become publicised, the larger issues will follow.

It starts by standing up at your city council meetings and saying, “No, this is wrong. I will stand here until someone begins speaking the truth.”

More will follow.

I will stand up for the Constitution

If you were asked whether you would stand up and defend the Constitution of the United States (original meaning, not Supreme Court Interpretation) what would you say?

Yes, or “Well… some parts need to be looked at more closely.” (That means no, in a black and white world.)

Should we be allowed to say, “Well I love that 1st Amendment thing, but that 2nd one… I’m not too sure about that one….”

I don’t think so. What kind of world would we have if, for example, people got to pick and choose which of the Ten Commandments they wanted to stand up for? Uh, well… THIS KIND OF WORLD!

It’s time we came up with some kind of easy way of getting a sense of what people really believe; where they really stand.

If you knew that there were millions of people all over your state, and all over the country that would stand up for all or most of the same things you stood for, what would that mean to you?

Your thoughts?

“So… where do we stand?”

It’s the ultimate question, really.

Girlfriends ask boyfriends; business partners ask each other; we all end up at least once in our lifetime, asking this question of the person staring into our clogged toilets. “So… where do we stand?”

For months now, I have asked this question of myself, and of others. No matter what the problem. No matter how trivial it seems, I’ve found myself boiling down the essence of how we should go through life — how do I handle a situation — what if this-and-such happened? What would I DO?

And the answer always boils down to: “Decide where you stand, then stand there.” Don’t worry about the consequences before hand. Stand on principle, and the situation will sort it out eventually… for the good.

I have been pestered (some would say plagued) with an idea for several months now. Unsure how to go about making this idea or vision come to pass, I have resorted to starting a blog. I can only go from here in prayer, believing that what comes of this, is something that will accomplish the two things that matter with this project:

1) Glorify God. (I only offer a minimal apology to the faith-challenged. After all, if I didn’t stand up for what I believe, including my belief in God, this project would be missing the point. Right?)

2) Help to illustrate to you, my readers and fellow Americans, that there are more people, close to you, who are willing to stand up for what they believe, which happens to be the same things you believe. How this gets accomplished, will be explained as I figure it out for myself.