When Healthcare Passes, Ignore the State

Ignoring the state, in other words, standing up for yourself and doing without government intrusion in every aspect of your life, is something that Tolstoy dealt with a long, long, time ago.

Check out Tolstoy’s Letter to Liberals where he answers the question: What then to do?

I posted this to my SkippingSchool.us site to illustrate how people might skip government schooling and reclaim their lives, but it applies to all things, including the health-care debate.

I Will Stand for Parents’ Rights

Cut to the chase: When the Lame Stream Media (LSM) jumps on the Swine Flu “CRISIS” pretty soon… and the fix is in for mandatory vaccinations for YOUR children… what are you going to do?

Have you decided yet? What are you going to say, when nosy people ask you if YOU have had your kids marked vaccinated yet? Will you vacillate? Will you make excuses? Or will you just stand on principle, and say, “No, I have decided that I will not succumb to mandatory medical procedures for my children that I have not researched fully.

End of story. At least it should be.